Tibet Snow Cream Review

Firstly, the smell: unique to those who have used it as well as entirely heavenly. It smells such as an old-fashioned rose garden – extremely powdery as well as floral. Unfortunately it goes away rather quickly, but I would always recommend you pass this one by if you are sensitive to smell. I could wash in the stuff. It fragrances a lot like the Kerastase Oleo-Relax haircare line – “old lady” but in an excellent way! Tibet Snow has been around for ever, and there were gossips of mercury content material years back. There is no study in English for or even against so who knows – it does include sodium borate though. I have very sensitive skin and have never had problems, but spot test to make sure. If something irritates in this products, I’ve got a feeling it will be the fragrance.
Extra points to the completely amusing ingredients and guidelines included in the package. (“college girls love Tibet snow!”) As far as I can inform, it contains no bleaching properties. It is completed absolutely nothing for my freckles and so I cannot suggest it for that reason.
The consistency is…weird. It’s such as a pearlescent whipped skin cream that dries matte as well as leaves a very slight film.
It’s available in attractive little glass containers with printed tin lids, and it is the definitive champion of my own Best Lotion Packaging award, even though I usually dislike jars/tubs.
So if you can get it and also you like rose fragrance, antique products, and unique textures, you cannot pass it up for a few bucks.

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