This illusion is just a matter of perspective

SIDEWALK SPHERE: Created in Paris by Francois Abenalet, this ingenious sidewalk installation goes beyond the usual chalk drawings by incorporating actual grass and trees.  It’s a classic example of anamorphosis — a distorted image that only takes its “proper” form when viewed from exactly the right angle.
Sidewalk Sphere
GEORGE WASHINGTON: America’s first president gets a little homage in this illusion, which includes both a picture and a signature that work equally well when viewed upside-down.
George Washington
HIDDEN ANIMAL: Can you spot the creature embedded in this tree?
Hidden Animal
IMPOSSIBLE ROOM: LEGO mastermind Henry Lim has used the plastic blocks to create a convincing three-dimensional version of M.C. Escher’s famous mind-boggling lithograph, “Relativity.”
LEGO Escher

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