The private life of your friend

Matchmaking is quite modern. If you are quite happy in your private life you are eager to help your friend, but just do it for her and forget about yourself for the time being.

Don’t  uptake role of a matchmaking if you yourself feel a strong desire to be admired and loved. Flirt but not at the expense of some friends unhappiness, its indecent.
A smart go
Once a woman happened to be a matchmaker quite by chance.  When she came to know that her friend, a lawyer and collector, needed a consultant, she recommended to him her unmarried friend, an artist and designer. In fact that friend was not an expert in the field but she needed some extra money, besides the man was a bachelor, quite well off and had nothing against marriage.  As a result they got married and are still happy.
Acquaintance due to some business is one of the most successful ones.
Acting from the opposite
If you want to get someone interested in you or your friend describe both sides in the worst possible way. But only dont overdo in it. Then you arrange their meeting. This method is extreme and demands the subtle knowledge of psychology. It is especially effective with women and men  hunters.
My dear, dear
It is no secret that the more a man invests in a woman the more dear she is to him. The investment may not be only financial. There are different variants( ways) mostly turning manoeuvres to find such a generous man.

Variant 1. Your friend plans repairing her flat, but has no idea of how to do it. Why not ask your unmarried man-friend to help the girl with advice. Its always easier to ask somebody on behalf of somebody else, not yourself.
Variant 2. Your friend has bought a car. Why not invite a pleasant young man (one of your acquaintances) to give her some friendly instructions)
Variant 3. Any assistance given by a man, connected with everyday services.
Nothing can bring people closer together than joint domestic ventures!
Dont overdo
In mailing an attempt to acquaint your friend with a prosperous young man, remember that everything is good to a measure. If you want that man get interested in your friend do it in her absence and dont exaggerate the reality.
 Three main NO 1) Dont acquaint your friend with a married man, even with such a man who plans to divorce. She might become a hostage to a married man. Men are conservative you know and are afraid of starting things anew.
2) Dont acquaint a young and inexperienced girl with a playboy, the man who is simply not capable of prolonged relations.
3) Dont demonstrate too good photos of your friend, even if she is a model, before the direct contact of the two. The original may turn out to be much worse than the photo image.
So take into consideration our simple but useful advice and we wish you good luck in you stiff task.

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