Love declarations

How to declare your love in order to get a positive answer? Well first of all you have to be sure that you have the reciprocity. If you dont have no guarantees of that youd better ask yourself if you are ready to get refused. And if you are not try do get a little bit closer to your object,  to learn more about him or her in order to understand what he or she feels.

If you cant stay silent no more and want to declare your feelings whatever the reaction may follow still try to make in a way that will be the most acceptable for you both and wont only push your object away.

Demonstrative personalities like loud and bright love declarations probably in public. It can be a heap of red roses, or huge inscription on the wall, serenades under the balcony. You may fall on your knees and read a love poem in a loud voice, you can glue your printed love declaration all around, you may appeal to people around telling her (or maybe him) about your feeling. If your object is really one of those people who like to demonstrate their relationships and feelings in public she/he will be impressed by your bravery, imagination and the strength of your feeling (although its said that only that one who doesnt feel anything can speak about the love in the beautiful words). And if you dont have the reciprocity yet such a declaration can be one step forward to it.

But in an object of your love is shy, modest or just reserved and doesnt like to attract an extra-attention to his/her person this kind of a declaration wont do and you may get a negative answer even if  your object has some kind of a sympathy to you. Words of love said in privacy or whispered in the ear dont loose any bit of their meaning and probably even gain some.

However you would declare your love be sincere, dont try to impress or to take your object by surprise, dont be too pushy, dont ask for a definite answer at the same moment. Just let the one know that you differ him or her from the other people, that he/she means something special and serious for you.

Love declarations usually come naturally when two people are seeing each other for some time already and are quiet sure about the feelings of each other. Nobody gets prepared to declare his/her love to a partner. it usually comes all of a sudden, by some impulse or just by the way. And when couple has a long-lasting relationships everyday small signs of attention, care and support will say more than all love poems in the world, though such romantic love declarations are very nice either.

By the way if you are shy or cant find the words to say about your love you can always do by any means of communication which are plenty today, though only after oral love declaration you can observe the very first reaction and expect the most sincere answer.

If you hear no in the an answer to the declaration of your feeling dont loose your hope all at once (exception is when your object starts laughing in your face). You may ask him/her to stay friends, to meet sometimes for a coffee and a chat. Dont complain, whine or get glued, be pleasant and try to keep some contact. Most people cant stay completely indifferent to a person who has distinguished them from all other. The one whos listened to your declaration can starts looking at you more attentively because you are the one who sees in him ore her some features of which the others probably have no idea. Who knows maybe later on this interest may turn to a sympathy or something more or otherwise you may study your object of love better, see its real face beyond your fantasies and start feeling a little less in love.

One more question about love declarations  who is supposed to do it first. Traditionally its men who declare their feelings first and its women who sigh out in answer a languid yes. Nowadays both men and women are free to speak about their love and feelings first. Of cause the traditions arent totally overcome in peoples mind. Women often are too shy or too proud to do it firsts. Men usually dont know how to behave in the answer and what to do, they may even get scared and push the woman away. And women are less prepared to hear no and can get deeply hurt by it. Just is you feel youre unable to conceal your feelings no longer  declare them but mind that your object doesnt get responsible for you after it.

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