Kayla Itsines on the 28-Min ‘Bikini Body’ Secret that Earned Her Instagram Fame

Kayla Itsines on the 28-Min 'Bikini Body' Secret that Earned Her Instagram Fame
Trainer Kayla Itsines (Photo: Instagram.com/kayla_itsines)
I first discovered 24-year-old Kayla Itsines the way most people do — on Instagram.
One of her followers had posted a spliced image of two photos: one before she started working out with one of Kayla’s workout plans (called Bikini Body Guides, or BBG), and one from three months later, after she’d completed one round of the training plan.
I was transfixed. The woman was wearing the same Spandex shorts and sports bra in both pictures, but her body was transformed. Her stomach, initially soft and slightly puffy, was tight and cut with visible ab muscles; her arms were leaner, and her legs were more toned. But more than anything, this girl seemed to glow. Her face was radiant, and she was wearing a grin that said, “I took on a challenge and totally destroyed it.”

Kayla regularly posts images of her followers’ progress on her own account. (Photo: instagram.com/kayla_itsines)

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