How to Make Him Fall in Love With You and Only You

How do those women do it; how do they make him fall in love? You have seen it; two people meet at work or at play, they date few times, and before you know it, they are married. What happened? How did she get her man to take it to the next step? And now you have met your soul mate. How can you make him fall in love with you?
There is lots of dating advice to be had. This is a list of things that can help-
Be happy.
Everybody is attracted to people who are happy. You will attract men if you are happy. When you are happy, you make people around you feel happy and then they enjoy being with you.
Pleasantly. People are drawn to a smile. When they see you smile at them, you are saying that you like them; they can not help but like you in return. And this is the start of a good relationship. If you want to make him fall in love and commit to you, smile.
Male psychology dictates that men are attracted to a woman who is confident.
So learn to be confident. When you are going to a party or other event, rehearse ahead of time some thing that you can say to contribute to the conversation. Think about any embarrassing or difficult situations that may come up and think about how to handle them. Stand up straight. Be dignified. This can be very attractive in a man or a woman.
Do not chase.
You will chase him away. If you call repeatedly, you will be smothering him. Give him some space. Do not dictate or demand things from him. Have a hobby; a life of your own.
Follow these tips and you can make him fall in love with you. Only you.

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