Flexible Lady Made Her Ex Jealous By Clicking These Pictures

This Russian gymnast has incredible body bending skills. Julia Guenthel, who is 29-years-old, is a perfectionist at bending her body backward. She started it at the age of 6 and held two Guinness world records in her name. Mazel Tov, girl!
In 2007, she scored a world record for bursting three balloons using her back in the shortest period. In 2011, for opening the maximum number of beer bottles in a minute using her feet.
She went for a much more racy photo shoot after her she got divorced this year. Honestly, her husband must be regretting after losing her!

1. She’s got her head in the clouds and she is not backing down

2. Truly on fire..

3. OMG! Did you just see that?

4. She makes everyone’s heart skip a beat

5.She’s sexy and she knows it

6. A perfect head turner..

7. You can try but you can’t ignore that she’s awesome

8. Man! She is a troublemaker!

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