Enraged PPP-led govt has Geo turned off on cable

KARACHI: Geo has once again at the target-list of the rulers after it aired the news of a man’s hurling shoes at President Asif Ali Zardari at Pakistan People’s Party meeting in Birmingham.

Geo’s transmission was blocked in many parts of the country soon after the channel broadcast the shoe-hurling news.

Government dignitaries and some of the PPP office bearers came out issuing threats to cable operators, pressurizing them to put Geo News off the cable. However, most of the cable operators did pay much heed to the bullying tactics and continued to keep Geo’s transmission on.

However, a private company named World Call and another one, KMPC, blocked Geo News signals at 2am early on Sunday morning. People were of the view that Geo/Jang Group is being penalised over the revealing of facts and speaking the truth. They said the ruling elite was angry over reporting of news regarding controversial visit of president Zardari in face of worst floods in country.

A massive number of people across the country have protested against the blocking of Geo News.

Geo’s staff members have announced to stage protest against the unjustified silencing of Geo News, depriving people of access to information and keeping them unaware about facts.

Demonstrations will also be staged in front of offices of the cable operators who have gagged Geo’s transmission.

Meanwhile, the police have refused to register the FIR against the issuance of threats to cable operators and journalists.

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