Curvy and Proud (8 Celebs Who Don’t Fix Their Flaws)

Today people tend to and adhere to only standard of beauty – white-teeth smile, smooth hair, glowing skin, perfect demeanor and of course a slim waist and slender legs. But what about feminine curves and natural beauty? If you still among of those who are in a ‘vicious circle’ of stereotypes take a look at this list of celebs who refuse to change their shapes or any other features which somebody by the way call ‘flaws’. They are not trying to conform to unrealistic beauty ideals or to make harmful surgeries to their bodies. Believe it or not they just don’t need it. They are sure that they are attractive and confident that men are looking at them in a positive manner. They’re beautiful and happy. They’re curvy and proud of it!
Check out the list below and learn the art of being in love with yourself!
Curvy and Proud Christina Hendricks1. Christina Hendricks
This ‘Mad Man’ Star lived up to the sex symbol status after showing her curvacious body wrapped with a silky dress. This redhead diva is a timeless vision of feminine beauty and a rarity in modern Hollywood that’s overpopulated with stick-thin actresses. Christina says: ‘I would take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, “Oh, I look like a woman.” And I felt beautiful, and I never tried to lose it, ’cause I loved it.’
Curvy and Proud Kate Upton

2. Kate Upton
This lady is famous for having non-typical model shape. She was criticized across the internet and even incurred the wrath of People who called her fat and crummy looking. But she said: ‘The things that they’re rejecting are things that I can’t change. I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural!’
That’s the personality we fell in love with. Mens magazines are fighting for her to do a photo shoot for their next cover.
Curvy and Proud Adele3. Adele
The new pop queen looks so gorgeous that it’s hard to imagine how anyone could be paying attention to her extra pounds and not listening to her magical voice! A million times she has been faced with a criticism over her weight. But she has never been upset and just ignored it with the comment: ‘I would only lose weight if it negatively affected my sex life, which it doesn’t.’ Recently she became a mother and a happy wife. She lives in harmony with her body and we can see it in her divine eyes.
Curvy and Proud Jennifer Lopez4. Jennifer Lopez
J Lo’s shapе really takes a gold medal every time she appears in public. She was the first girl in modern times to really showcase the most feminine assets – the breasts and derriere; curvy and so sexy. Her body became her signature feature as a personality. She’s the envy of every girl and desired by men everywhere! Jenny explained how she had been frighted by the critics and learned to show her flawless features – not being intimidated by the naysayers. She says: ‘There’s nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am, you are the one with the problem!” That put the critics in their place! When you can really believe that, all of a sudden other people start believing too.’
Curvy and Proud Beyonce5. Beyonce
This lady has always been a poster star for curvy girls. Just one sight at her body is enough to understand the real meaning of the word ‘sexy’. In the early years of her career, she was greatly affected with self-esteem issues. It was a long journey for her to love her body and to finally prove to others that fuller-figured girls aren’t less talented or less pretty. Then she even coined the term ‘bootilicious’. Admit it – this ‘female version of a hustler’ deserves loud praise and applause.

Curvy and Proud Scarlett Johansson6. Scarlett Johanson
Twice crowned Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” has never been a skinny girl. Her plump cheek-bones got men crazy all over the world once she appeared on screen. Now 9 out of 10 guys will tell you they consider Scarlett unbelievably alluring sheer perfection in a female! Then the world met Scarlett wearing the latex catsuit and screamed for joy. Her fine-tuned body caused such a stir that other celebs tired of all the publicity she got and started gossiping that she was a ‘gym rat’!
‘People come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has the capability to meet their maximum potential. There is no magic wand to wave over oneself to look good. Eat healthy and just be happy’ 
Now those are comments that should quell those stupid whispers!
Curvy and Proud Nicki Minaj7. Nicky Minaj
When it comes to her body, this R&B Queen has never been ize zero! Love it or loathe it, Nicky’s curvy assets became her brand and even the main idea of some of her hits fans went crazy over. Rapper lady has no worries about her voluptuous shape and sends a message to all commentators who aren’t agreeing with her: ‘ I’m really at the limit with my weight but I’m totally happy because this is what God gave me!’
Curvy Kim Kardashian8. Kim Kardashian
Ask any guy who looks like a magnet for him and you’ll hear – Kim Kardashian. She just flaunts those magnificent curves… And, according to the numerous amount of selfies in her personal blogs and Twitter account, it looks like Kim is really proud of her fabulous curves. Although she feels ‘devastated’ when people are making mean comments about her figure, she says: ‘If I was stuck on a diet my whole life, I would be really miserable. I love to eat. If you can’t enjoy your life then what’s the point? You can’t torture yourself.’

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