Afghani Girl Love Story

Hello Everyone… I m an Afghani girl, I m 19 yrs old and i have been in india around 13 yrs and now i m in europe. So my love story is one sided but not from my side, from the indian guy who loves me from last 7 or 8 yrs. He is my brother friend and i asked him today that when u liked me so he said that i liked u from the time i saw u and u were my friends sis so i didnt told u and i scare. He is so nice and cute and i do like him but i cant love him coz we cant be together coz i m muslim and he is hindu. No one will agree for this marraige so i dnt no wat to do? I have contact with him and he still say the same thing that he loves me and will forever. I dnt no how to make him understand, i know its difficult to forget the one u love but we cant be one.i like him alot and we r like best friends.Now he want to meet me but he cant get visa so he asked me alot and now i m trying to get him visa so tomorrow i m going to call abt visa so plz pray that i get visa for him and he meet me coz he said to me that its his dream to meet me and talk to me in private.I cant be him but i would like to give him some nice moment to be with me.I want to fulfill his dream and wish. So please pray for us that he come to me.I will be in touch in here watever happen with us.Take care for now and see you guys later.

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