58-Year-Old Man Dies While Having $ex With A Scarecrow

Here is a case of a lonely shepherd who died mysteriously while having intercourse with the scarecrow. Yes, you heard it right. He was found dead at his home, lying around that scarecrow whom he dressed with all beauty makeups to look pretty.

Argentinian died while having sex with a scarecrow whom he dressed in lipstick & a wig.

He even strapped a sex toy on the scarecrow.

According to Irish media, Jose Alberto, was found dead at his San Jose de Balcare home.

His body was lying next to that scarecrow. Neighbors complained police of a foul odor coming from his home, where he lived alone & thereafter his rotting body was found out.

Evidence proved.

According to the police spokesperson, “There was no evidence of violence or blood & there are working on an assumption that the man died during the sex with the scarecrow.”

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