16 Things Only The One Who Doesn’t Know How To Dance Will Understand

For some of you people the term ‘having two left feet ‘ totally suits. It is like going to a war every time you have to shake that booty. You can’t do without it because it may be your bro’s baaraat and you can’t do it either because, let’s face it….You do not know how to dance and this is by no means an exaggeration. And you know it way too well.

1. You constantly dread going out to discs and pubs with your friends.

2. If you ever happen to go to a club you confine yourself to your drink.

3. But when you see someone cute coming on to ask you for a dance you are like…

4. You have no idea what to do when the DJ plays a popular song and everyone immediately starts dancing perfectly. Seems everyone knows the steps but you.

5. You can hardly dance without downing a pitcher of alcohol.

6. And when it does kick in, you do to.

7. It’s only time that people think you have had an epilepsy attack and try to calm you down.

8. Zumba and aerobics classes are just not for you for the same reason. Your body is not meant for dance!

9. Every time there is a marriage announced in your circle you get tense over the fact that you will be called to dance.

10. And if it’s a ghar ki shadi, or a close friend’s then it couldn’t have been worse. Sangeet ceremonies are your worst enemy.

11. You can only spell out a sentence with your moves in the name of dance.

12. You get nightmares that one of these days you are going to badly injure somebody with your exotic dance moves!

13. This is why you can never think of wooing your partner by doing a sexy number.

14. Although you think of it time and again to shake those hips like her.

15. Though, it’s not that you hate dancing. You love to dance but only when you are alone.

17. And when you happen to see yourself in the mirror doing that you go.

18. And thus, each time people ask you ‘why aren’t you dancing’, you have every reason to react this way.

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